Give LA’s Most At-Risk Youth a Bright Future: 
Support the Operation Progress Horseback Riding Program


Operation Progress (OP) knows how to give children the tools they need to stand up to the pressures of the streets of Los Angeles. One of our most effective methods of teaching - horseback riding - is growing and  we need your help to expand the Horseback Riding Program!

Take a look at the impact:

Jennifer, an 11th grade student, has told LA Police Officer Coughlin that horseback riding “gives her freedom” each Saturday and serves as a reward for a long week of work. Jenn grew up in Imperial Courts, a well-known housing development in Watts.

Gang violence, drugs, and the sound of police coming in and out of the development constantly surround her. Officer Coughlin sees first-hand that OP’s horseback riding program not only gets her out of the neighborhood but increases her confidence and decision-making abilities.

Jenn has formed strong connections with the stable volunteers and feels she can rely on them when times get hard. Jenn says that riding day is her favorite day of the week. The program has solidified her vision of working with animals once she graduates.

Give them a gift that can alter their lives. Please donate to Operation Progress and help children like Jenn find and develop their passions in life. Help them find mentors like LAPD Officer Coughlin.

Through the simple act of riding, children can create a sense of purpose and identity. They can gain confidence and communication skills.

Because of you, at-risk youth will be surrounded by good role models. They will develop positive life skills. They’ll see what it’s like to be in control of their lives.

But this transformation cannot occur without you.

Not only does horseback riding keep teens away from gang-infested activity, it provides them with an understanding of empowerment. Your gift shows them, “Here’s what you can accomplish when you put your mind to it.”

Your gift will make all the difference.

Please give, and show children like Jenn that you’re behind them. Support the development of our future leaders this holiday season. Together, we can create hope, opportunity, and success for LA’s most vulnerable kids.


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